Business Spotlight: Eat Better Meals

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Here's the story of a fellow Long Islander, Dan Gross, and his healthy meal delivery service, Eat Better Meals:

What is the the Eat Better Meals story? (as told by Dan Gross, Founder)
First, let me introduce myself, my name is Dan Gross, and I am the founder of Eat Better Meals, which started one day in August 2015 when I gave a hungry friend a meal I had made. He loved it, and so later that year I started making meals out of my mother's kitchen on Long Island and delivering them to friends, neighbors, and workout buddies.

But the story of Eat Better Meals goes back farther than that. The previous fall, in 2014, I was sitting on my couch weighing 245 pounds with no muscle and 40% body fat. I had a moment of clarity, or you might say I realized I'd hit rock bottom, and I was sick and tired of being overweight. So right there, I decided to make a drastic change in my life.
Over the course of the following 9 months, I went to the gym 4 - 6 days a week but more importantly, I started cooking healthy meals full of vegetables and fresh ingredients. Instead of paying no attention to what I put into my body.

I found recipes that I loved and would eat again and again, and over time, I lost a lot of fat and extra weight and completely changed my life. All of the meals I ate during that time - and still eat every day now - are still on the menu for Eat Better Meals for my customers. Our goal is to create the tastiest, healthiest, freshest food for the everyday person to make it easier for anyone to Eat Better Meals!

Tell us about Eat Better Meals:
Eat Better Meals is a Long Island based healthy meal delivery service that brings fresh, healthy, fully-cooked meals directly to your door. We start with the freshest ingredients and turn them into healthy, portioned out, home cooked meals. Imagine having breakfast, lunch or dinner in your fridge, FRESH, ready to go, for whenever you need them. You would not have to worry about cooking, we are cheaper than takeout... AND IT’S GOOD FOR YOU! We are currently delivering from Riverhead to Long Island City, Queens and everything in between.
What is one thing Eat Better Meals is known for over it's competitors?
We always deliver our meals fresh, we never freeze them, EVER! Eat Better Meals come in 3 sizes, Small, Medium, and Large - to fit everyone’s needs. We also are conscious of dietary restrictions and needs, so our website allows you to navigate your choices like gluten free, dairy free, no carb options, paleo, weight loss, and now Vegan too! 

Another thing we pride ourselves on, is our customer service - we believe in always doing the right thing. 99.99999% of the time we get it right - and if we don’t - just contact us and we will make it right! There is no compromising this. 

SInce the beginning, we’ve taken feedback from clients to make our product and service better, and grew the vision from there. Over time the brand has grown and each time it has grown it was from listening to our customers and their needs. We strive daily to give them what they ask for. Everything from the “No Carb” option to now offering Vegan meals regularly on the menu. 

What would you want potential customers to know about Eat Better Meals that they may not know already?
We’re for everyone! Eat Better Meals is affordable, delicious, and health forward. No matter what stage you are in life - college student, new mom (or dad!), business owner, young or young at heart - we help make your life better. Stress free meal planning for a better life!

What is Eat Better Meals' connection to Long Island?
We started in Long Island and we hire, produce and deliver to every Long Islander’s doorstep. 

Is Eat Better Meals involved in any community groups or charity organizations?   
Eat Better Meals is always available to help any cause. We get emails from a mom asking for donations for their child’s school fundraiser, we took part in the Oyster Bay Polar plunge for the Special Olympics raising over $3,000. Bowling in the Matt Martin Foundation Bowling Tournament, and this year we are starting a new initiative of personally feed Long Island’s less fortunate on a weekly basis. 

What is the biggest risk your business has ever taken?
Starting it! The business really started within me in 2014 when I decided that I deserved to live a healthy and long life with the people I love. Once a few puzzle pieces came into place- everything moved forward. We’re currently in the process of moving to the next step and getting a bigger and better location, so that means more meals, more variety, and better meals for hundreds of thousands of Long Islanders!

What is the biggest “win” in Eat Better Meals' history? 
For us our wins are a little different than most. Our wins are when we get a “before and after” testimonial from a client, or when a mom says thank you for helping feed her family healthy and nutritious meals, and she didn’t have to cook or clean that night. Our wins happen when we are able to provide a client with a much needed “Ah, thank you” in their life. 

If you could do it all over again, what would you do differently?
We wouldn’t change anything we have done up to today, because that is how we got here, and the foundation of how we will move forward with helping as many Long Islanders as possible. 

What is your personal, favorite menu item?
The Almond Crusted Tenders is pretty much everyone’s favorite around here.

Eat Better Meals

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